Working across all major platforms, 2CLIXZ Hypernotes helps you keep data you accumulate during your discussions about projects, with potential customers or suppliers. Save their contact information, set reminders for the future, and share your notes with your co-workers.

Simple to Use, Comprehensive Underneath


Use it Everywhere

Everything stays updated across all your devices, automatically and in real time. Sync with external calendar and contacts.


All in one Place

Upload images, photos, or files you received from your contacts. Record conversations or use the dictate feature. Save the GPS coordinates of your meeting.


Stay Organised

Add tags to categorize notes and find them quickly with instant searching. Your co-workers can use the same tags to quickly search in the shared notes.


Work Together

Create projects and invite your co-workers to join and work on the same entries. Share notes, attachments or dates related to an entry. Everyone can add more data to a project.


Safe and Secure

Your data is secured and encrypted, backed up in the cloud. No one can access your data unless you share it. GDPR Compliant.


Go Back in Time

All your data is backed up with every change, so you can see what you added last week, last month, or last year. Set reminders for the future.


Hypernotes Entry

Quickly and easily capture data about everything: discussions with potential customers, add or dictate notes, audio recordings, pictures, any handwritten documents, etc.


Hypernotes Contacts

Save your contacts in one place, sync with your address book. Follow all discussions with this contact and share them with co-workers.


Hypernotes To-Do

Forgotten appointments translate to wasted time and money for your business. Set reminders and add priorities to make sure you follow-up with your customers. Automatically synced with the calendar you use.


Hypernotes Share

Share your entries with your co-workers using “shared entries”, and keep private attachments to yourself. Work together to satisfy all customer needs.