Security or other routines and checklists for any workflow that needs tracking and reporting.


No more paperwork behind the workflow, your admin, to-do and filing is taken care of.


All data: multiple choice input, sound recording, picture, GPS location, attachment, signature…



Create the Checklist

  • For each checklist create the checkpoints based on your company needs.
  • Each checkpoint can include attachments like: photos, audio recordings, file uploads, GPS coordinates, a signature or just a simple text.
  • Assign and scan a 2CLIXZ QR code either just to start a checklist or to pass each checkpoint.
  • Schedule the routine hourly, daily, weekly or for custom dates.

Run it

  • Your operator will be able to run the routine based on the scheduled times. If he misses a time, his supervisor will be notified.
  • All checkpoints must be verified in order to finish the routine. Checkpoints can be marked with QR Codes.
  • He can pass or fail a checkpoint and add the appropriate attachment if required.
  • Each action is timestamped.

Make Reports

  • The supervisor can run reports for each checklist with in-depth details.
  • He will be notified if a checklist was not started in the specific time.
  • He can view the failed checkpoints right away and take the necessary steps.

Benefits of 2CLIXZ Checklists

Increase Productivity

With 2CLIXZ Checklists it’s easy to avoid inspections that are not done properly because the operator missed key components during the inspection or just signed off on the report.

For Every Industry

2CLIXZ Checklists can be used in different environments, just define the checklists for your business and let your operators run the routines ensuring accurate inspections.

With Service Requests

If a checkpoint fails the inspection, a service request can be sent immediately to the technician that is on the call.

Supervisor Approval

Once the operator finishes an inspection the supervisor can review the failed checkpoints in seconds and take the necessary steps to keep your business running.

Save Money

No need for expensive purchases. All you need to run it is just the 2CLIXZ mobile app.

Keep Your Business Running

Avoid the breakdown that adds up to lost productivity when the machine is not maintained or working in its optimal performance.