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2CLIXZ is a unified platform for increasing sales, reducing cost and managing revenue.


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10 ways to lift your company
to the next level of performance

1. Maintain your existing systems, tools and platforms but improve them significantly.
2. Set up two connected CRM systems: one user-friendly platform that salespeople love to use, and a second one that fulfills all your management needs.
3. Avoid wasting valuable time searching for multiple suppliers and solutions.

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4. Decentralise purchasing to accelerate the process, while staying in full control of costs and budgets.
5. Create a personal environment for every employee that incorporates all their knowledge and data from emails, calendars, contacts and chats.
6. Stop writing endless to-do lists: they just create obstacles to getting things done.
7. Automate communication with suppliers to reduce intervention times.
8. Reduce incoming calls to ease operators’ workloads and improve customer satisfaction.
9. Take up the challenge to attract and retain talented service technicians.
10. Develop a powerful and efficient sales tool to access your target market.


The 8 biggest advantages
of using AR

1. A 1.5-hour intervention with travel time can be reduced to a 15-minute AR session.
2. Junior service engineers can be supported during client visits by senior technicians working from home.
3. Problems are solved much more quickly.
4. The first-time fix rate is significantly higher.
5. Real-time support is available.

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6. Online training options save time for both supplier and customer.
7. Customer experience and satisfaction are improved.
8. Reduced or eliminated travel time leads to reduced carbon footprint.


8 ways to modernise
Managed Services

1. Give every user one channel for all communication and reduce your call operators’ workloads by 80%.
2. Increase your first-time fix rate.
3. Enable direct communication between customer and service technician.
4. Ensure all data is available on the first call, so there’s no need to waste time looking it up.

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5. Eliminate unnecessary visits to a customer’s site and redundant shipment of parts.
6. Make real-time support available to serve your customer better.
7. Enhance customer experience by automating your back office.
8. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Who Are We?

We are an international group of companies and partners with experience in several industries. We understand the importance of local business to the community.


We are committed to creating an alternative, automated future that frees up time for what really matters in our business and private lives.


That alternative future is made possible with a collaborative platform, designed for the convenience of both the corporate customer end-user and the service provider, whatever the industry.

A Solution for All Kinds of Industries


Print / MPS












Office Products


Field Service











Our Team

Jan De Kesel

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Jan has been a pioneer in applying technology to managed print services, and he continues to lead the industry today through innovative and practical ideas and projects.

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With 30 years of experience in the printing and recycling marketplace, Jan has been involved in the sales and development of MPS (Managed Print Services) software since 2004.

He has worked with Resellers across Europe and the US, helping them drive MPS (Managed Print Services) and Document Management Software sales.

As managing Director of DocuAudit, he started a new project, called In-Map, in 2010, which was followed by 2CLIXZ in 2014. In-Map has indoor floor mapping and is used for pre-sales and asset management. In-Map and 2CLIXZ, both on one database platform and available on Android and iOS, now bridge the communication gap between any user and any supplier in 2 clicks on an app – hence the app name 2CLIXZ. This total solution has huge interest from OEM’s and dealers since its launch. It can also be used in virtually any industry and is therefore something shops and distributors can go to any type of vertical market with.

The latest addition to the functionalities is a B2C Shop platform, including ordering, payments, click-and-collect, delivery routings, inventory, co-marketing etc.

Dave Nyss

IT Services Advisor

Dave has over 40 years of successful design and implementation of technical solutions that enable businesses to create an innovative advantage in the market place.

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Dave has held senior positions in the IT services sector and has built a reputation in turning around projects and knowing what makes a successful implementation project.

Dave’s passion is guiding businesses to adopt innovative solutions and making best use of new technologies to leverage emerging trends, and create partnering opportunities with collaborative organisation across different sectors.

Thomas De Kesel

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Thomas is the COO of ISN-Partners and is responsible for the delivery, support, and maintenance of all ISN-Partners’ products including the 2CLIXZ platform. Thomas comes from a problem-solving background and helps the company with its digital transformation goals.

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Thomas started as Quality Control and Co-Development manager in the Surface Technologies department of the group. Surface Technologies or Coatings need precision Engineering as they are transparent and the user will see any mistakes.

This was an excellent preparation to take the role of COO as he now combines Support and Quality Control as the Operations Manager. Thomas is also the liaison between customers and external teams, which speeds up rollout, support, fixes etc.

Matthias Byn

Business Strategist

Well-rounded experience in strategy, innovation, partnerships & entrepreneurship.
He assists companies looking for growth (whether measured by sales, impact or network).

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 Most often, it requires to review or create new processes, expanding or bringing together a team. And of course, by keeping the proper balance between human relations and the endless possibilities offered by technology.
Skilled in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships (evangelist & connector).
Deeply rooted in the Flemish culture & working daily with FR people, he’s sailing economically as easily in Wallobru as in Flanders and he regularly operate across the BE borders.
He’s energised by connecting inspiring people.